Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Changing Focus. Zooming In.

I created this site to play with my camera.  Last summer while I was on summer break from my assistant job at the local high school, I hooked into photo challenges with this blog site.  I wanted to "box in" play time with my camera and editing software.  I had great fun, but then school started in August;  I became busy and distracted away from this site.

I'm changing focus again.  Our family is building and opening a small custom meat processing facility that will be fronted with an artisan butchery.  I won't have summer break to photo blog this year.  

No play time with my camera and editing software is unthinkable.  I've been tolerating being too busy to have time for my camera by looking forward to summer's easy free time again.  But the plan for summer has changed, and so will my job.  So, I have no choice but to begin photo blogging all year long now.  And, I'm zooming in on sustainability.

For now, I have to leave my lunch hour at home and go back to assisting at the high school for the afternoon.  But I look forward to blogging about this photo tonight.  There is a story about this chicken stock. What does it have to do with sustainability?  I look forward to writing about it later.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Best 7.22.12

I am thrilled to share, I sat on a deck several times this week which I waited 10 years for. 

To celebrate in my photo play, I took a photo of our adirondack chair (sitting on the new deck) and Andy-Warhol-Up'd it. 

What was worth waiting for in your world this week?
Thank you Nancy Claeys for hosting Your Sunday Best.  The links to it are always worth the time!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 07/22/12

1.  Wrapped

Flowers from Farmers Market on Saturday.

2.  Time Together

Animal friends.

3.  Tell Me A Story

Once upon a time, a group of high school girlfriends reunited for a month long get-a-way at a beach house.  It's a good, light, summer read.  (It's even more fun to read on my new deck!)

4.  Love Or Couple

My phone is the face of my Hubby this week.  Work, work, work.

5.  Duplicated

I celebrated my new deck by photographing the adirondack chair and altering it with instruction from Tutorial Tuesday. 

Thank you Ashly Sisk for hosting Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  It's good to just play.